alt="Essential Oils For Men"


If you have arrived at this site then chances are you have already been introduced to essential oils. And if you are anything like me, 90% of the essential oils that you have smelled are utterly awful. I don’t care what anyone says, Patchouli smells like the underarm of a tuna boat captain and Geranium smells like a hot Grandma fart – but I digress.

The truth is that men have different “smell” buds – and when it comes to essential oils we want our scents to smell like the men that we are; distinguished, hearty and full of piss and vinegar (a blend I do not suggest or recommend). This site is dedicated to just that – Essential Oils for Men.

You probably already know some of the benefits of essential oils and have an inkling that spraying yourself with chemicals to smell good is probably a little old fashioned. So read on, be brave, learn a little and start living as man was meant to, all-natural.

On this site you will find essential oil blends, recipes, health benefits, tips and more. And all with a firm guarantee that you won’t end up smelling like a pair of Betty White’s panties.



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