Making Essential Oil Blends

Alright Gents, making essential oil recipes and blends is a lot like 8th grade chemistry class without Mrs. Hairy Chin Mole telling you what to do. You will need a few supplies which come on the cheap. It really is easy, here we go…

Step 1: Get the Gear 

You will need to buy a few simple items, namely amber bottles and a funnel. You can get these for next to nothing online.




Funnels are as cheap as $1.50 on Amazon 




Amber bottles are $7.50 for a 12 pack on Amazon

*Amber bottles are used for the same reason your ice-cold beer uses amber bottles – keeps it fresher longer.

Step 2: Get a Carrier

In most recipes you will see that it calls for a CARRIER oil. You will need this because (if you paid attention in that chemistry class) oil and water don’t mix. Plus, most essential oils are meant to be diluted and not applied directly to the skin.

The carrier oil will be your base for things like beard oils, face oils, massage oils, etc. The carrier oils I recommend are just that, recommendations. If you like something else, go ahead my adventurous friend- just make sure the oil is cold-pressed, meant for essential oils (don’t use vegetable oil from your kitchen) and it is decent quality.

Helpful Tip: Carrier Oils like Jojoba and Argan do not leave an oily residue. Make sure to use these types of oils for face oils, beard oil and skin oils. 

Step 3: Mix It Up! 

Use the funnel to fill up your bottles and then follow recipe. Put the cap on and shake it like a Polaroid picture (line cred, Outkast). I told you it was easy. Always spot test the recipe on the back of your hand to ensure you do not have an adverse reaction to it.


Voila! You are making Essential Oil Blends, you chemist you. 

Helpful Tip: When you smell an oil straight from the bottle just know it will smell significantly different when diluted/applied to skin/ or diffused. Lavender stinks like your Grandma’s bra when sniffed straight from the bottle, but when blended with the right partners it can add a nice calming tone to the blend.




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