Essential Oil Blends are like the ménage a trois of aromatherapy. They are new and exciting. There are a lot of moving parts, different smells…mmmmm…they are so soft, so smooth…ooh yeeeah…you are a naughty one aren’t you?  I don’t think that finger goes there little missy…

Wait, what? What were we talking about?

(Clears throat) Ummm right, oils. Blends can be great…(mmm, really great). But don’t think that you always need a hot threesome to get pleasure from an oil. There are plenty of monogamous essential oils that offer incredible health benefits, smell masculine and will become your go to wingman in a crunch.

As always, the oils I recommend are for men. These are lumberjacks had sex with ninjas had sex with Mother Nature smelling oils:


(Remember to always mix with a carrier oil before applying directly to the skin)

Sandalwood: This rich and woodsy scent has a sweet note which makes it a favorite for high-end fragrances. Sandalwood has been used for millennia to instill a sense of inner peace and confidence. Sandalwood is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Uses: calming, stress reducer, dry skin, scars

People that smell like Sandalwood: Tom Hanks, Abraham Lincoln and Robert Downey Jr.

Cypress: This clear and refreshing scent has a masculine quality. Sandalwood is very popular in blends but can also be used for its deodorizing and astringent qualities.

Uses: mental focus, astringent, antiseptic, deodorizer

People that smell like Cypress: Sean Connery, Eddie Murphy in Trading Places (rich, not homeless character), Walt Whitman

Frankincense: This spicy and earthy scented oil is known for its spiritual and healing properties. Listen, it just sounds rich – the ladies will love it.

Uses: Reduce negative emotions (for those of you with weird mommy issues), great for overall skin health, immune health

People that smell like Frankincense: Robert De Niro, Jesus, Liam Neeson

Cedarwood: Nothing smells better than the rich, woody aroma of cedarwood. A grounding and calming oil, it is a favorite for diffusing.

Uses: anti-inflammatory, astringent, dandruff, stress

People that smell like Cedarwood: Lionel Richie, Nick Offerman, James Bond

Peppermint: It may remind you of a 9th grade French kiss, but peppermint can be much more than that. Peppermint is invigorating, refreshing and can even help with motion sickness.

Uses: nausea, headache, freshen, revitalize

People that smell like Peppermint: Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, and (oddly) the full cast of Dawson’s Creek

Citrus (Orange/Pink Grapefruit/ Lemon): Alright this is more like a category, but most men love the fresh smell of citrus. The truth is I diffuse Pink Grapefruit more than anything else. So man up and enjoy the power of the fruit.

Uses: cleansing (both emotional and your nasty bathroom), digestion, curbs food cravings

People that smell like Citrus: Lemon farmers, people who love oranges, most Popes

This list is far from complete and I will probably do a round 2 write-up at some point – but this will help get you started in your quest for oil monogamy. Enjoy!





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