All About Them Oils

Essential Oils have been around for a while. Pharaohs were getting hand jobs with them and the Wisemen were using them to bribe baby Jesus. Suffice it to say that for thousands of years essential oils have been used for their health benefits, stress relief and to generally make things smell less “assy”.

Fast forward to today. There are a lot of oil companies out there. I am not going to get into which essential oil companies are good and which ones are cons. I simply recommend you do at least a little research and make sure the essential oil is pure, good quality and organic (or organically grown) when possible. Cheap stuff is cheap for a reason, but expensive does not always equal the best. A lot of top essential oil companies are network marketing models, which means they have to work commissions into their pricing so you are likely paying a premium. In short, use what you like – but if you find a site selling $2 essential oils it probably contains rat urine.

Essential Oils are known for their healing properties. I for one do not believe that essential oils will grow an ear back or cure polio (although I am sure someone reading this will comment about how wrong I am) – but I do believe scents can be powerful mood enhancers, are great for skin health, and can revitalize the body and mind. Most importantly essential oils are a natural alternative to the chemical-filled junk we devour, spray and rub on our bodies every single day.

There is a great deal of research regarding essential oils. I am not here to refute or confirm it. I simply wanted to create a website where a man can discover the power of nature, feel included in the world of essential oils,  and know for certain that recipes on this site will never leave him smelling like a funeral home dumpster.



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